SEO-Friendly SPA Development for European Rugby Champion

Official website, ticketing solution & merch e-shop under one roof
Customer location
  • France France
Project duration
  • 5 months

Client and Business Goals

Biarritz Olympique is a French rugby club, a five-time national champion, and one of the most renowned teams in the region. Symfa was entrusted to develop a web solution hosting their official website, ticketing solution, and merchandise e-shop under one roof. This solution should also have localization in French and English.


To ensure app content indexing and its transparency for search engines that rely on web crawlers, we developed SPAs with server-side rendering (SSR) by using Angular Universal. SSR enhanced SEO-friendliness, as well as ensured fast response times even under high loads.


The custom client-server solution we delivered consists of 2 single-page apps on Angular and a Node.js server. Both SPAs are stand-alone apps with separate URLs: one for the website, the other for the admin panel to manage the content displayed on the website. The updated information is sent to the data repository on the backend and then displayed on the website SPA. For the website SPA, we created 20 custom page templates.

Angular allows you to quickly create a Single Page Application. Node.js is used for writing the server part and creating isomorphic web apps which run JS code both client-side and server-side. TypeScript supports type systems and some extras of strongly typed languages.

Solution highlights

  • API integration to display a football tournament table and a calendar of upcoming games.
  • Integration with official accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


  • Node.js
  • Angular
  • SQL
  • TypeScript
  • Mongoose
  • MongoDB
  • RxJS


The admin panel allows editing the list of team members, pictures, news, French-English translations, SEO settings, and browsing through site visitors feedback. The Symfa team successfully met the tight deadlines and delivered a smoothly running solution, fully corresponding to the client’s initial vision.

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