Fitness Tracking & Live Workout Streaming iPad App

Increasing client engagement via a slick user journey
Customer location
  • UK UK
Project duration
  • 7 months

Client and Business Goals

The client is a British sports and fitness business that provides studio and online classes while building a community of healthy lifestyle influencers.

Aiming at reaching out to a wider audience, the client set an objective to make their workouts more accessible. In a nutshell, the idea was to cover as many user devices as possible. iPad tablet became the client’s platform of choice for the adequate screen resolution and portability.

Considering Symfa’s rich tech muscle in connectivity and performance tracking, the team was chosen as an outsourced development partner.


The team has come up with custom optimization methods to tackle the potential problems joining the video conferencing sessions across the client’s target region. No difficulties integrating with the streaming service were discovered upon the solution deployment.


The iPad app we built from scratch is a full-blown multi-parameter sports performance monitoring solution. Aimed at bringing the atmosphere of a fitness studio into the user home, the app provides a multitude of live and on demand workout sessions.

Synced with the client’s custom sports equipment through a built-in fitness tracker, the solution captures and processes athletic performance data — from pulse to motion speed to distance traveled. Along with that, the app helps track individual progress over time and motivates competing for greater achievements via leaderboards within the chosen discipline, be it running, cycling or yoga.


  • Integration with Zoom for online workout streaming
  • Bluetooth connection to sports equipment
  • Automated progress history tracking and reporting
  • Direct booking of classes right through the app timetable
  • Fitness plan creation
  • Member challenges and competitions enrollment
  • Power-to-weight ratio calculation

Major functional modules

  • User account
  • Classes timetable
  • Online class
  • On-demand class
  • Bike class
  • History


  • Swift
  • IOS
  • Zoom SDK


The solution is currently available on the AppStore, with details protected by an NDA. The app garners high scores and positive testimonials, helping the client access wider audience, market recognition, and competitive edge.

To meet the client’s expectations regarding the deliverables quality, Symfa has made it to assemble a dedicated expert team for each project phase — from elaboration to development and stabilization. The approach proved efficient throughout the entire solution design and engineering cycle.

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