iOS App for Individual Workout Plan Creation

Increasing workout efficiency via personalized approach
Customer location
  • Germany Germany
Project duration
  • 4 months

Client and Business Goals

To alleviate lives of sports lovers, a Berlin-based startup presented an idea to create a mobile app that generates personal workout plans and connects users with professional coaches. The main concept was to attract the audience with diverse preferences, be it cycling, running or triathlon, and different levels of training load. 

The idea realization required a reliable development partner with proven expertise in mobile application development. Taking note of the rich technical expertise Symfa possesses, the client decided in favor of our company as a contractor for the project.


Implementation of swipe functionality in the application calendar caused certain difficulties to overcome. React Native was the basic technology for this application development but it does not provide a ready-made solution for this kind of issue. We suggested a custom solution, followed by thorough debugging, which resolved the problem.


The iOS application we built was integrated with Strava API for seamless interaction with other apps. The app relies on data processing algorithms to analyze user data and deliver custom individual workout plans. To adhere to the scheduled workout course and keep track of athletic performance, users rely on the built-in calendar displaying past and future workout sessions. Integrated live chat enables keeping in touch with professional coaches to receive appropriate consultations and adjust the training program accordingly.


  • Individual workout program creation
  • Integrated calendar for training schedule overview
  • Online chat with professional coaches
  • Detailed workout descriptions with training schemes
  • Activity tracker showcasing the training summary
  • Availability of post-workout analytics
  • Automated progress tracking on weekly basis


  • React Native
  • TypeScript


Symfa created a 24/7 available application, combining artificial intelligence, human touch and coach experience. The three components ensure remarkable workout results, since the app focuses on the preferences of a particular athlete. Personalized approach allows each user to gain an appropriate workout program and training schedule.

The application has already won the hearts of many athletes. In their testimonials users point out the significant improvements of athletic results throughout the app utilization.

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