Online Training Platform for Swimming Coaches and Athletes

Analyzing data from smart wearables to facilitate individual training
Customer location
  • Europe Europe
Project duration
  • 2 years

Client and Business Goals

A new business in Eastern Europe catering for the needs of professional athletes, swimmers in the first turn, hired Symfa to develop a sophisticated solution for remote training platform for swimmers and coaches. The idea was to help swimming professionals find a coach in line with their professional and personal objectives, efficiently track their progress, and participate in regular competitions among the platform users.


There were several tricky integrations to execute:

  • Integration with the PayKeeper platform
    The platform accepts payments from the swimmers and commissions from the coaches. The PayKeeper platform was selected as a payment method by the customer. Our team had no previous experience in Flutter-PayKeeper integrations. Despite the steep learning curve, we delivered the high quality solution within the set timeframes.
  • Integration with the Strava service
    The platform required a third-party service to enable the collection and processing of the data from the athletes' wearables (Garmin, Suunto, Polars). Not only we successfully integrated with Strava for that purpose but also developed a custom tracking system for the project.


The solution became a rich-featured complex platform for athletes and their mentors. The solution combines a web portal, a mobile app (Android and iOS), and an admin panel.

Admin panel key functionality

  • Students (active, inactive, blocked students, students’ profiles)
  • Coaches (active, inactive, blocked coaches, coaches’ profiles, applications from the coaches)
  • Competitions (add/edit/delete competition, view the participants, history)
  • Reports and analytics (website traffic, conversions, subscriptions, payments, commissions, total income/income by sections)
  • Refund
  • Blog (articles and visuals)
  • User management (rights and permissions)

Student module key functionality

  • Coaches available (incl. coaches’ profiles)
  • Performance tracker (performance history, objectives, countdown timer, data from the wearables)
  • Payments (payments per session/subscription payments)
  • Location map (for open water swimming)
  • Training sessions (schedule, chat, comments, training archive)
  • Competitions (sign up for a competition, view the results)
  • Youtube/Vimeo integration
  • Notifications

Coach module key functionality

  • Students list (incl. students’ profiles)
  • Training schedules (create, edit, delete, save draft)
  • Notifications
  • Training sessions (history, chat, comments, data from the students’ wearables)
  • Add card to receive payments


  • PayKeeper API
  • Strava API
  • Flutter
  • Node.js


Although similar platforms exist in other sports (running, athletics, etc.), this one is a one-of-a-kind solution for swimmers. The Symfa team developed the web portal, the admin panel, and the cross-platform mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices.

The team put great effort into the platform security and the Analytics module.

- The platform accepts payments and holds sensitive users’ data (including health issues), which poses high security demands for the project team. Thus, our team added two-factor authentication to protect users’ personal information.
- As for the Analytics module, we enriched it with interactive visuals, dynamic bars, and charts for clarity and superior UX. Here the administrator can easily track the users’ activity, payments, subscriptions, and more.

The application boasts a clean airy design and an intuitive user-friendly interface. It provides all the functionality to its users for seamless communication and efficient progress tracking. Moreover, it creates a foundation for a professional community of athletes and supports knowledge sharing within the industry.

The two-year team effort reinforced our sports domain expertise. The scope of work was delivered in full within the budget and the timeframes stipulated by the client.

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