Business Plan Platform Development with RTL and LTR Design

Helping SMEs prepare full-fledged business plans to pitch investors
Customer location
  • Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Project duration
  • 3 months

Client and Business Goals

Having spent years in corporate financial consulting, our client came up with an idea to solve a market-specific problem. The goal was to launch an online service helping entrepreneurs, startups, small and home-based businesses turn their ideas into winning business plans at a fair price and find investors to implement them as profitable businesses.

With deep-rooted experience in document workflow automation and CPQ solution development, Symfa was tasked to build a custom web platform to support the business plan creation process end-to-end.


The solution is an interactive tool helping create template-based business plans. Designed specifically for less finance savvy users, the service automates calculation of all related expenses which is often the most challenging task for entrepreneurship first-timers.

It also provides access to a library containing a ton of educational and support materials: articles, best practices, and other resources. In order to support multiple languages, including Arabic, we developed both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left design versions.

The user can choose between several service packages, including paid offerings. In case the user still needs help from a professional financial consultant, the platform suggests requesting a quote for hiring one. Finally, it is possible to book a consultation with the platform’s creator to resolve the most challenging issues. 

Work done

  • Software requirements specification (SRS) creation
  • UI/UX prototyping
  • Platform architecture design
  • Web app development 
  • Custom integrations with third-party APIs, including Google, PayPal, Calendy and more 


  • Social login for single sign-on
  • Multimedia upload
  • Automated calculations, charts and diagrams design 
  • Export of ready docs as PDF files 
  • Collaboration mode


  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Webpack
  • MySQL
  • PayPal


The developed web solution is an interactive service guiding users through each step of  business plan development. The platform helps those missing business administration education and financial planning skills generate efficient business plans for various business domains. 

The project followed a classic path from defining requirements to prototyping, architecture, software engineering, QA, and market launch.

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