CRM Refinement for the World's Leading Industrial Minerals Supplier

Boosting CRM performance for inner workflows optimization
Customer location
  • Germany Germany
Project duration
  • 2 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client is a Germany-based major supplier of industrial minerals for a variety of industrial sectors worldwide. 

For interaction with customers, inner workflows automation, and supply chain streamlining, the client used a multi-module CRM software. Over time, the system became obsolete and turned out to be unable to meet the customer’s present day needs. Multiple errors and code duplications, unoptimized databases entailed program crashes and slow data processing, which hindered the entire workflow and impeded communication with customers. 

To get things back on track, the client started looking for a trustworthy contractor, able to fix the flaws and improve the app’s performance. The key requirements outlined by the customer were experience in app modernization and proficiency in CRM development for large enterprises. Symfa corresponded to the specified parameters just right, which assured the client to entrust us with application optimization.


  • The website communicated with two databases – SQL and IBM, which made local deployment not possible. For that reason code modifications were implemented locally without testing. Pieces of code were put in the testing environment for quality assurance. After that debugging via TeamViewer was carried out.
  • The entire website, code, types, methods, and database tables were in German, which required extra effort to sort the source code out.


First of all, we conducted code refactoring and system performance optimization to ensure the correct display of the necessary information across all the CRM interconnected modules.  

To speed up data processing we created an additional repository for SQL and IBM databases optimization. The source code in the repository was synchronized with the production website version.

Work done

  • Code refactoring 
  • New repository creation
  • Bug-fixing
  • Source code and production server synchronization
  • SQL requests optimization and indexation


  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • IIS


Despite the system’s complexity and the number of errors we had to fix, Symfa met its obligations to the client in full, in terms of timing and quality of work done. Upon project completion, the client points out the following improvements: 

  • Flawless CRM system performance 
  • Smooth communication between the app and the databases
  • Quicker data processing

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