eCommerce Solution for Automotive, Home, and Industrial Parts Renewal Service Provider

Improving the user experience with modern digital solution


Migration to the 1-C Bitrix CMS

Integration with CRM and major marketing services

Full redesign and functionality expansion

Index optimization & database customization

Customer location
Project duration
  • 4+ years

Plans to improve the UX through migration initiatives

Our client is a B2C company based in the Atlanta area which offers original car parts repair services. Their IPC-certified technicians provide low-cost post-collision airbag resets and repairs, instrument cluster repairs, and seat belt repair services.

The client had two standalone websites with the common database – one was MyAirbags, intended for car parts repair, and another was Upfix, for electronics reset and repair services for automotive, home, and industrial appliances.

With the growing competition, Upfix faced the need to replace their existing websites, powered by Wordpress/WooCommerce, with more reliable eCommerce solutions. The business goals were to expand the client base and simplify online order management.

Stepwise migration without altering application functionality


The implemented solution supports the order management process: from order placement through payment to order status check. It also organizes the product catalog, keeps track of all past orders, and provides analytics on the most popular products and services. The solution was integrated with PayPal and the banking card payment system to enable fast and secure online payments.

“We aimed at forming a cross-functional team and involved experts in UI/UX Design, Frontend Development (HTML/CSS), DevOps, PHP/1C-Bitrix Mobile Development at different stages of the project. Soon, the mobile applications for Android and iOS will go into production.”

Symfa Project Manager

Website redesign

  • Full redesign on the Upfix website, to make it different from MyAirbags 
  • Blog creation on the Upfix website, by analogy with MyAirbags
  • Deployment of forums on both website with the wpForo (WordPress Forum) plugin

Marketing opportunities expansion

  • Search engine optimization measures 
  • Extended markup implementation
  • Integration with marketing services, such as Google Ads, Google Merchant, Facebook Ads, Yotpo to reach wider audience online


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Flutter
  • Nginx
  • Wordpress

Comprehensive application support and maintenance

The Symfa team has completed the migration phase followed by integration with the internal CRM through REST API and with Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google AdSense. We also launched a mobile commerce app for Android and iOS. At the moment, we are focused on further fine-tuning and application support. After the successful launch, the client enjoys:

  • New online advertising opportunities.
  • Rank enhancement in Google search results.
  • New order processing flow, resulting in the decrease of the number of incorrectly paid orders.

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