Highly Secure Web & Mobile App for One-click Authentication and Online Meetings Management

Replacement of insecure passwords to strengthen user data privacy
Customer location
Project duration
  • 4 months

Client and Business Goals

A US-based identity management company floated an idea to launch a product which would be a rescue for those users who care about confidentiality but do not want to worry about password security after creating accounts in mobile apps and web services. The client aimed at building an application that would maintain privacy, replace passwords and manage online conferences directly from the app. The client put the stake on the exceptional user experience and literally one-tap authentication as the app’s differentiator.

Symfa demonstrated expertise in native mobile application development as well as security testing, which was the key factor for the client to sign the contract with us.


To simplify authentication and improve security of the web application, we implemented JSON Web Token. As for the mobile versions, data encryption is performed through Keystore and Keychain for Android and iOS respectively. 

After registration the only thing the user needs to remember is the username to be able to sign in to any of his/her accounts on websites or in mobile apps. One of the first integrations we made was with Zoom. The app enables managing Zoom meetings directly from the user account in the application securely. This and further third-party integrations enable users to send meeting invitations, distribute emails and sms messages to those who have not registered in the application.

Functionality highlights

  • Contacts import from Zoom account to the application 
  • Link generation to invite new users for app utilization
  • Group creation with the possibility to add/delete participants
  • Activities history recorded in chronological order
  • Event indicators to track the meeting start time 
  • Meeting statistics available for the meeting owner
  • Meetings history and reports export to Excel

Work done

  • Software Requirements Specification development
  • Migration to the client AWS
  • Integration with Twillo, Sendgrid and Zoom
  • Security parameters fine-tuning
  • Push-notifications settings
  • Customer support live chat integration


  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Objective-C
  • Kotlin
  • MySQL


The app button can be installed on any website or mobile application to eliminate the necessity to remember passwords to each of them. User-friendliness is successfully combined with a high app security level ensured by multiple security checks with optional biometrics, which gives users complete confidence that their data is not accessible to the intruders. 

Together with the client we clearly outlined the critical requirements, which were stipulated in the specification and further used as the development guideline by our team. The development process went smoothly and the app was launched in the app stores successfully. 

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