Versatile Cookie Collection Service

Enabling easy cookie search from third-party websites
Customer location
  • Netherlands Netherlands
Project duration
  • 2 months

Client and Business Goals

The task before us was to create the downloadable script, containing the information about the types of collected cookies and the place of their storage. The client’s fundamental requirement was the ability to embed the script into third-party websites with no necessity to write stand-alone code for each one, which would ensure its versatility.

During its operation, Symfa has successfully completed hundreds of projects and acquired a team of highly-skilled professionals with strong technical expertise. This became a decisive factor for a client to select us among the big number of competitors.


The main difficulty we had to encounter was the necessity to integrate two parts of the application written with different technologies PHP and Node.js. The client declined an idea to transfer the entire application to Node.js, so we had to ensure the two parts are seamlessly integrated.


At the initial project stage we created a parser for cookie files collection, and proceeded with script logic settings. The following step involved enabling interaction of the parser and the script itself, for flawless application functioning. To enhance UI and ensure user-friendliness, we made up and stylized modal dialog boxes to visualize the data gained from the API. 

To verify the project viability, the developers created a test application with the API request. After conducting testing activities of the deployed application and ensuring that the app visualizes requested data about cookies in the modal dialog boxes properly, we proceeded with the full-fledged application launch.

The application displays all collected cookies in modal dialog boxes when a user inputs a website address. Requested information will be available in the user’s personal account after the parser sets off, with the possibility to select the types of cookies to be collected.

Major components

  • Parser collecting cookie files from the website
  • The PHP application itself, to proceed with user registration, payments etc. 
  • Js script transferring requested information to the application


  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • Webpack


We developed a versatile service with the possibility to use one single script to embed in the clients’ websites and met all critical requirements defined by the client. 

The solution aims to add value to private users and public authorities. Through the use of the system, ordinary users can track the types of cookies a website collects, and public authorities can monitor law enforcement. 

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