Cross-Platform Mobile App for Communication with Incarcerated Inmates

Helping build a solution liberalizing prison system
Customer location
Project duration
  • 2 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client, an American venture business working in 70+ international jurisdictions, aims to reform jail and prison systems by promoting a human-centered attitude within their products. Given the mission to humanely improve communities by mitigating the destructive impact of imprisonment, the client conceived a project building a solution that facilitates communication. The envisioned app was to keep families connected, no matter where the inmate location is.

Halfway through the project, the client was left shorthanded, lacking front-end engineering workforce. Symfa qualified for the job by exhibiting a required level of expertise in multi-platform app development while hand-picking a dedicated team of Flutter-savvy specialists.


The Symfa team helped craft a brand-new subscription-based platform enabling users to find their incarcerated loved ones through a free locator tool across any State, Federal or country facility. 

Providing a low-cost option to high-priced jail phone calls, the app allows sending printed birthday cards, letters, and photos of major life events directly from iOS or Android phones, tablets, or PCs.


  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • In-app order history search
  • Contact lists composition
  • Photo uploads
  • Greeting & postcards requests
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter 
  • SMS & email notifications
  • Secure password reset


  • Flutter
  • Jenkins


The Symfa team helped the client bring the platform to smooth release, delivering their scope of work on the promise, ahead of the deadline. Meeting a warm user welcome for taking the hassle out of jail communication, the solution has already shipped 1+M photos while processing 8+M phone call minutes since launched.  

The app release was a loud success, quickly breaking $6.6M raising. Featured in the list of the most influential companies as of 2022, the solution keeps making headlines across the US major tech-oriented aggregators and news agencies, including TechCrunch, CNN, and Forbes. 

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