Multi-Platform Mobile App to Streamline Shared Parking

Designing a city-scale solution to unload busy urban areas
Customer location
  • Australia Australia
Project duration
  • 3 months

Client and Business Goals

Our client is an Australian startup firm contributing to the shared economy domain through mobile-first social platforms.

Being, a citizen of a metropolitan city himself, the client noticed that in a business district casual parking was a day-to-day issue, forcing drivers to waste around half an hour a day on seeking a vacant space, be it paid or charge-free. The client ideated on the problem solution and made some design sketches, yet needed a certified engineering partner to bring their concept to a fully-functional MVP. 

To qualify for the tech vendor position, Symfa assembled a rich portfolio of expertise within the related domains and provided several consulting sessions to ballpark the required resources, which helped the client make their choice.


Initially, the client came up with their business logic concept as they saw it, but the idea was largely controversial from the technical standpoint. To ultimately ramp up the app’s efficiency and flexibility, our team helped establish the solution’s infrastructure, fine-tuned major workflows, and rebuilt the logic with unhampered business growth in mind.


Adapted to the client’s target locality specifics, the delivered service is uniquely positioned to offer a win-win model of low-charge shared parking. The app enables users to either find and book someone’s space or notify about leaving in some 1 to 3 clicks. While optimizing the city center parking load, the solution allows getting a small fee for the contribution.


  • Parking requests management
  • Status monitoring & push notification
  • In-app messaging
  • Bank cards payments processing
  • Built-in wallet
  • Network & web app firewalls (WAFs)
  • User authentication
  • Email & SMS verification & confirmation
  • Intrusion detection
  • Face & touch ID support
  • Google Maps & GPS implementation
  • Built-in location-based tracking
  • 24/7 database access
  • Advanced load resistance & scalability

Work done

  • Comprehensive mobile app concept makeover
  • Application mockups design 
  • Software requirements specification development


  • Flutter


Symfa facilitated mobile app concept makeover, designed application mockups, and developed software requirements specification to ensure smooth development and launch of the app on the App Store and Google Play platforms that would follow. The service provides instant benefits by minimizing parking efforts while rewarding clients with usage monetization opportunities.

Due to the solution’s crash-resistant and scalable architecture, its usage can well be extended to the country-wide level. Capable of handling hundreds of parallel requests and payments with no delay, the platform is robust enough to withstand explosive user growth.

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